“The first time I drank your cistus tea I had a sore throat. The next day I could sing again. Perhaps the tea has helped.”

Lisa Alzola, Murgia, Spain

“The Cistus Herbs have an energizing effect on me and I feel that particularly when doing sports. Also, on two occasions, my wife was coming down with flu and she stopped it by drinking Cistus tea.”

Gerd Urban, Bad Liebenzell, Germany

“…tastes good, but I only let it brew for 4-5 min so it does not get too bitter. It really smells like the Western Algarve! It is a bit harsher than the cistus tea from Greece we can buy in Germany. We are delighted!”

Pia Herz, Munich, Germany

“… a wonderful aroma which fills the whole room. No comparison with the tea we bought at the pharmacy. Please forward a big compliment to Portugal.”

Albert Kirschgens, Aachen, Germany

“The tea is said to be three times as healthier than green tea! Good taste; fruity and floral with a slight bitter and tight finish. This tea is highly appreciated for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties”

Lena Losciale, Stockholm, Sweden

“The tea appeals to my costumers. Some customers have reported to me a strengthening of their immune system, when a cold approaches. I myself tried it as well, I was loaded with cold symptoms and after a few cups Cistus tea I was feeling good again.”

Margit Franz, Eggenfelden, Germany


”A daily sitz bath with your Cistus has noticeably helped with my hemorrhoids.”

Heidi Adamek, Hahn, Germany

“The tea has arrived; thank you! I tried it yesterday. It has an intensive resinous scent and it is a pleasure to drink it.”

Elaine Schlecht, Berlin, Germany